It’s best to wait When She Says “It’s Best To Wait” dating, single, men, women love, romance

It’s best to wait
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This is really just an observation post. The observation being that a lot of times it is beneficial to bring up sex in conversation and get her to talk about it before you ever make that move to the bedroom. A lot of girls these days don’t want to look like sluts, so they seem to be a fan of this “I’m going to try to make him wait” idea. Or least they like to pull this shit on me.

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One thing I’ve noticed is, if you talk about sex before attempting it, and she’s says that she thinks it’s best to wait, that actually means nothing. Go ahead and go for it, a lot of times if a girl tells me in a conversation about sex that she thinks we should wait before we do it, blah, blah blah, then the next time I get her alone we’re usually good to go. I think this plays into the whole idea that girls like to think sex just happened, not that it’s something they planned to do. If they can think in their own mind “well, I told him I wanted to wait and he seemed okay with that,” then they may just be reading to bone you.

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 The flip side of this
However, the flip side of this, is the girl’s who I don’t have that conversation with before hand. These are the ones that I get them back in the bedroom, and now all of the sudden, this conversation is part of their last minute resistance arsenal – “no”, “not tonight”, “not yet”, “I think it’s best that we wait”, “I get attached after sex”, “I’ve been hurt before”, “I’m worth waiting for”, etc, etc.

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 The problem I’m encountering
This is the problem I’m encountering. I don’t know how to break down that last minute resistance when it’s coupled with this kind of talk. Once it’s in the girl’s head that she’s not fucking you tonight, most of time, she’s not going to give in, no matter how horny you get her – most of the time, there are exceptions.

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 Final Words
I feel like the best way to combat this is to get in out on the table before hand, to have this conversation outside of the bedroom – while on a date, maybe even on the phone. Sort of have the topic of sex come up naturally in a conversation, don’t force it in there out of nowhere, but squeeze it in there somehow. Then, when she says she thinks it’s best to wait, be perfectly fine with it, agree with her completely, and continue to talk to her and see her. Then, the next time you’re with her, go for it and she may just give in. I don’t know, that’s just my take on it, as it’s an issue I seem to encounter a lot.

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